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  • 1 Trip and Driver planned by admin. Trip/Driver info will send to Driver and Parents by SMS.
  • 2 Driver receive trip schedule SMS by admin. Driver dock the RHS Hand-held on the vehicle’s dashboard then logon with his credentials and initiate that trip.
  • 3 When Bus leaves from the school, a notification SMS send to the corresponding parents in that particular route.
  • 4When Driver TAP the “Initiate Pickup” button the pickup will be initiating and showing the next pickup point & student info with student image.
  • 5 When the bus reaches before the 50m distance of the pickup point, a notification SMS send to the parents mobile.
  • 6 Once bus reach the pickup point, driver can make a voice call to the parent if student not available for that pickup. Driver can update the student pickup status through the Onboard/Absent options.
  • 7 Student Onboard/Absent notification SMS send to the parent mobile instantly.
  • 8 Parent and Admin can track the current location of the school vehicle, traffic and weather condition through the web Dashboard/Mobile App.
  • 9 Driver can generate instant break down report with the vehicle location through a SMS to the parent & Admin by using RHS single TAP reporting system.
  • 10 Admin can track the driver’s behaviours such as Over speeding, Trip Utilization hours, Trip Distance, Idle timing and etc.
  • 11 Admin can able to view the student Onboard status info anytime through the dashboard.Admin Can generate or print the driver / vehicle Performance report by monthly basis.
  • 12 When the bus reaches to the school campus a sms notification will be sent to the parents and admin as well.

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