1000m radius pickup/dropoff alert ** SMS Sent SMS alert
Student boarding alert Log report ** SMS alert
Reached school/Leave from school Log report ** SMS alert
Overspeeding log reports Log created with location Get Alert Beep **
One TAP PANIC, HUDDLE & MAY DAY Alerts Get Instant SMS Alert Effortless One TAP **
One Tap vehicle Breakdown alert with location Log report/SMS alert/Mail alert Effortless one touch SMS alert
Display next pickup and dropoff location ** Pop up with student photo **
Student Pickup point sorting Smart Pickup Point Mapping ** **
Smart Route Assignment Module Trip Assignment for Driver and Attender Trip info SMS Alert **
Cloud Technology Web Dashboard Mobile Technology Mob App
No specialized Hardware needed for tracking Use existing systems RMS device Mobile view
Dual Backup uninterrupted data connectivity ** Data connectivity Sync **
Dashboard console for route management Complete route administration ** **
Real time Traffic, weather & vehicle tracking system Dashboard view Map view with Traffic info Mobile View with traffic & weather info
Voice calling feature ** One Tap Call with parents & emergency Service **
TAG & SCAN Future for Dropoff and Field Trips using SMART Tags Student Boarding Status Get Alert Onboard Status and Live tracking Get Alert Onboard Status and Live tracking
Group of Students Pickup Log Created Show Group of Students **
HOP PICKUP option for student's planned leave Log Created Shows "CHILD UNAVAILABLE FOR THIS PICKUP" message Get 1000 m radius SMS alert, Parent can onboard their children at any time
System Independency ** Any driver can handle any routes **
Trip started alert when Vehicle leaves from Shed or School Time Stamp created ** Receive "Trip Ready" SMS
Bulk SMS and MAIL Support Special Tariff*** ** **
Service and Support.4 Through On Call/Service Request ** **

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