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RHS - School Bus Tracking Software is natively friendly to the transportation. We live in a not-so-patient society, we want to do anything now. Solely, RHS - Superior Route Planning Software for real time to accomplish the work without waiting.

This GPS BUS Tracking Systems not only building for the School Transport Tracking but also helps College , Corporate .This Transport tracking system is very effective , Transport safety, user friendly, portability software.


GPS BUS Tracking Systems

Track My Kids is one of Android Mobile Application in RHS - School Bus Trace Softwarewhich is used by parents to track their kids through this Android Mobile Application.

In this RHS- School Bus Tracking Software used to Parents predict the school bus arrival time and push notification about the breakdown alerts. Parents can recurring their wards movements. This RHS - School Bus Tracking System Driver's and Assistant’s Info to Parents. Kids leave intimation to driver before the bus arrival by single tab. Use to aware the bus Locality.


GPS BUS Tracking Systems

RHS - School Bus Tracking Software Web Dashboard which is used for School Administration Web Application. Here, in this RHS - School Bus Tracking Software can view All Route information in click. Administration can view the School Bus information while it's into and out of the campus in anywhere at any time.

In this transport tracking system software is flexible for any driver can handle any route at any time within the administration. There is predict of bus over speeding, idle timing, trip duration and mileage. Information available in Advance regarding bus delay, student delay to the Administration. Exhortation of bus meets accident, halted breakdown and vehicle request. Driver on duty is like jump the gun. Recurring the school transportation system at uniform intervals. Fuel Efficiency track in Advance.


GPS BUS Tracking Systems

RHS -School Bus Tracking Software Android Mobile Application for Driver which is used to handle the routes. In this Android Mobile Application is used to any driver can handle any route at anytime. RHS - School Bus Tracking Software is used to manage the transport safety .

RHS - Tracking Software far cry from other, update the current status to parent from driver by one click. Drivers can intimate about the emergency situation to the admin. Hence intimate same emergency situation to all parent by single click.

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